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        2. 咨詢熱線:

          Products location:Home》》Exothermic-insulation Sleeves
          Exothermic-insulation Sleeves
          CACLCO-BM Series
          CACLCO-HF Series
          CACLCO-HFB Series
          CACLCO-GRM Series
          CACLCO-XL Series
          Exothermic-insulation Plate
          Exothermic Covering Agent
          Breaker Core
          Metal Breaker Core
          Flat Breaker Core
          Taper Breaker Core
          Foam ceramic filter
          Steel Filter
          Iron Filter
          Aluminum Filter
          Exothermic-insulation Sleeves

           CACLCO-XL Series

            Product Introduction
                CACLCO-XL Series can be widely used in the production of  large, extra large and medium steel castings,
                iron castings and alloy castings. These sleeves can be classified into Cylindrical sleeves, Oval sleeves, 
                Neckdown sleeves, Torticollis sleeves etc. We can provide sleeves covers, which could help to choose
                open risers or blind risers. These sleeves are high feeding efficiency, which be made from light
                exothermic-insulation material. So the foundry industries can reduce the production cost, by using the
                sleeves to improve the casting yield and reduce the workload of risers polishing and cleaning.

            Technical Parameters
          ZT Series Exothermic-Insulation Sleeves

          SJ Series Exothermic-Insulation Sleeves

          XJ Series Exothermic-Insulation Sleeves

          TY Series Exothermic-Insulation Sleeves


          Exothermic-Insulation Covers

          Note: Non-standard products could be made according to customers’demand