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        2. 咨詢熱線:

          Products location:Home》》Exothermic Covering Agent
          Exothermic-insulation Sleeves
          CACLCO-BM Series
          CACLCO-HF Series
          CACLCO-HFB Series
          CACLCO-GRM Series
          CACLCO-XL Series
          Exothermic-insulation Plate
          Exothermic Covering Agent
          Breaker Core
          Metal Breaker Core
          Flat Breaker Core
          Taper Breaker Core
          Foam ceramic filter
          Steel Filter
          Iron Filter
          Aluminum Filter
          Exothermic Covering Agent

           Exothermic Covering Agent

            Product Features
               1、It is used in the riser of various alloy material, which can effectively prevent the passing of metal fluid on
                     the riser to conduct thermal radiation and heat convection, thus reducing heat loss.
               2、High calorific value, excellent insulation, extended the riser solidification time significantly, improved the
                     riser feeding effect.
               3、Good spreading rate, can be uniformly laid on the upper surface, while has a good effect of slag
               4、Easy to use,  with less adding amount.
               1、It's the best time to add when the metal liquid rises to 2/3 height.
               2、The best cover thickness is 10%-15% diameter of the riser.

            Reference Adding Amount